The Best Crazy Paving Ideas

Crazy paving has become a home improvement phenomenon over recent years. The best part? Practically anyone can do it and it's fun! Not to mention it looks great. In this post, we'll share some of the best crazy paving ideas to give you some inspiration for your next home improvement project.

What is crazy paving?

If you are unfamiliar with crazy paving, it is essentially pavers that have been purposely broken or cut into unique shapes and then laid to create a unique and asymmetrical pattern. You can purchase pre-made crazy pave sheeting or you can make it yourself using the pavers or tiles of your choice. While crazy paving is known for being popular in the 1970s, it doesn’t mean that only homes of that era suit crazy paving. Homes of almost all styles and eras can benefit from a crazy paved area.

The best types of stones to use for crazy paving

Before choosing a stone or tile, it’s a good idea to consider the existing colour palette of your home. You want it to work well and not look out of place. You’ll also need to consider what the stone is going to be used for. For example, if it’s around a pool, your stone choices need to have a high slip rating and if it’s going to be used as a driveway, the stone needs to be tolerant of high traffic and have strong weight-bearing capabilities. Always research the stone you want to use to ensure it is suitable for the intended application beforehand.

Some great options include limestone, slate, sandstone, travertine and bluestone.


Where can crazy paving be used?

Crazy paving can be used practically anywhere! Its unique layout and varying textures enable you to create a point of interest no matter where you choose to install it regardless of the shape, size or positioning. You can customise your crazy paving to suit any setting. It is one of the most versatile paving options as you aren’t restricted by the design and shape of the pavers. Here are some of our favourite ideas:

The best crazy paving ideas

Front entrance

Nothing makes quite the impact on the front of your home like a crazy paved entrance does. For a lot of homes, this area is known to be a little lacklustre, and rather than filling it with meaningless things, you can create a point of interest with crazy paving. Choosing the right crazy paving can also add warmth and dimension to the space. If you have stairs leading up to your front door, you can also cover these in crazy pave, it’s ultimately up to you how much you pave and don’t. Crazy paving isn’t just restricted to the flooring area, it can be added to the wall of the façade instead to create interest at your front entrance.

Around a swimming pool

Your pool area is one place where you are guaranteed to have fun and your hardscaping choices should reflect that. When choosing stone pavers for around your pool, there are a few things to consider other than the colour and style alone. They must have an adequate slip rating and they need to tolerate poolside conditions well. Some types of stone will break down and deteriorate when exposed to water, chemicals and/or salt.

Entertainment area

Crazy paving is right on trend at the moment so adding it to your entertainment area is a great way to modernise it and give it the wow factor it deserves. Choosing paver colours that tie in with your existing backyard is a great way to create cohesion and it will ensure that it complements the space as it should. Your crazy paver stone can be matched to your garden paving, stepping stones or even stacked stone.


Crazy paving while popular for exteriors, isn’t exclusively reserved for outdoor spaces. It creates a showstopping design element in bathrooms whilst adding a natural element. The good thing about crazy paving is that the stones or tiles you use can be completely customised to your liking. You can choose the colours, patterns, and styles to suit your specific requirements. If you are considering crazy paving for your bathroom, you should instil the help of a professional to install it for you. That way you can be confident that it’s even and waterproofed sufficiently.


Crazy pavers don’t have to cover every square inch of your backyard, using them on a small project such as a walkway or a sidewalk can create a huge impact with little effort or cost. If you are attempting to DIY your walkway yourself, a smaller-scale project such as this is great for a first-timer.

Applications where crazy paver isn't recommended

Crazy pavers are strong and adaptable, however, they cannot be used on driveways. The unequal stone thickness is the primary reason why. The uneven surface and often large grout gaps make it unsuitable for cars to drive over it long term.

Use a grout specifically designed for large gaps

The gaps between crazy pavers compared to traditionally laid pavers are vastly different. Crazy paving typically has large grout gaps between the pieces of stone and to prevent the grout from cracking, it is essential that you use a grout that is specifically designed for large grout gaps. They usually have a polymer in the formula which makes the grout more flexible and less prone to cracking due to shrinkage. Ensure your pavers and grout are applied evenly to prevent any divots in the paving work. They can not only be a trip hazard but they can collect water too.

Crazy pavers are a standout choice if you’re looking to create a striking effect. Crazy pavers effortlessly shatter the monotony of drab outdoor hardscaping by offering texture, interest, and a modern touch. There are no rule books when it comes to using crazy paving at your place and we’ve shared only a couple of the many ideas available to you. It can be as crazy or simple as you like. At Bonita Stone, we have the finest quality pavers that you can utilise to create a one-of-a-kind crazy paved area. For more information on how to transform your home with crazy paving, contact our friendly team today.