Effective Ways To Incorporate Natural Stone In Your Garden

Natural stone pavers are classy in every sense of the word and for this reason and many others, a large number of homeowners choose to integrate them into their homes and outdoor spaces. When you think of outdoor spaces for natural stone, the first thing that probably comes to mind is flooring however, there are many other ways you can incorporate it into your garden area, and in this post, we'll share how.

Here are the ways:

Outdoor fireplace

If you are looking to set the tone in your backyard and create some ambience, you can’t go past a custom-built outdoor stone fireplace. This can give your backyard the ultimate wow factor, not to mention the hours that can be enjoyed here listening to a crackling fire once the sun sets.

If you have no construction-type experience, you may benefit from speaking to a professional. Additionally, you will need to check whether you need council approval before you attempt to start any type of work on it.

Granite, limestone, and travertine are all good choices for use around a fireplace. They can withstand high temperatures and tolerate the elements with ease.

Stepping stones

Rather than laying concrete down as walkways or paths in your garden, why not consider natural stone stepping stones? They give a backyard a natural and unintentional design element. Sometimes this is needed to break up the often overly used regimented straight lines. Your backyard should bring a sense of calm when you are out there and adding unstructured elements such as natural stone stepping stones is an effective way to go about it. You don’t need any particular skill set to lay stepping stones, you simply dig out the area where you want to place them, place a layer of gravel, compact it and install the paver on top. The grass will grow around them and to prevent knicking them when mowing, ensure they are installed flat into the ground without any elevation. This can also prevent them from becoming a trip hazard too.

Retaining walls

If you have retaining walls or you are about to install some new ones, finishing them with natural stone cladding is the most effective way to enhance their appearance and make them look more expensive than they are. Stone cladding comes in an array of colours, stone types, shapes, and sizes enabling you to find the perfect one for your backyard. Stone cladding can give structures such as retaining walls the appearance of being solid stone without the hefty price tag. It’s relatively easy to install and creates a big impact with little effort.

For the best results, stone cladding should be fixed to solid retaining walls such as brick or Besser block. Attempting to adhere it to timber may not give you a long-lasting finish as the surface is often uneven.

Raised garden beds

Much like retaining walls, you can build some raised garden beds and dress them with natural stone. A lot of flat pack or DIY garden beds look less than appealing, so if you want to add some class to your garden display, natural stone garden beds are a fantastic way to go about it.

Bench seat

If you’re looking for something a bit sturdier than a park bench to sit on when outside admiring your garden, a custom-built bench seat may be a suitable option. The good thing about custom-making things for your backyard is that you get to choose exactly how it looks, and you can configure and place it to flow with the layout and design of your backyard.


Make some high-end-looking pot covers

Pot plants can be expensive, especially when you want large ones. A simple way to give your pot plants a makeover without breaking the bank is by making some simple pot plant covers. To do this, you’ll need four equal-sized pavers. Ensure that they are slightly higher than the pot you intend on disguising. Using liquid nails, apply to one edge of the paver and align with another, continue this until you are left with a uniform square. Allow sufficient time for it to dry before attempting to move it. The pot plants can then sit in these. Alternatively, instead of making pot plant covers, you can place them directly on the ground, fill them with dirt and plant your plants in them.

Garden edging

If you have some garden areas in your backyard and you want to give them a definitive edge as well as stop grass from growing in them, using small natural stone pavers as an edging solution is a great way to do this. For stability, it’s a good idea to dig out a small trench-like area where you want to place the edging. Fill this with gravel and compact it. You can then use paver sand to set the pavers into position.

Water feature

The sound of running water is therapeutic and can add to the tranquillity of your garden and outdoor spaces. You can make a water feature yourself by using stacked pavers. There are tonnes of ideas online which you can gather inspiration from. You can make your water feature as big or modest as you like; even those with limited space can create a small water feature for their backyard.


If you’re looking to create more recreational space in your backyard, adding a courtyard not only does this but enhances the appearance of the garden on the whole. This involves paving a section of the backyard and when complete, you can add pot plants, a table and chairs or whatever your heart desires.

How will you incorporate natural stone in your backyard?

As you can see, natural stone can be used in many ways to enhance the look, feel and functionality of your backyard. You are only limited by your imagination. No matter which natural stone you choose, most are strong and withstand the weather and outdoor conditions well. In fact, as the stone naturally ages, it only adds more character to its appearance. If you are looking for some high-quality natural stone pavers or cladding to add to your garden, reach out to the team at Bonita Stone. We have plenty of natural stone choices and can offer friendly advice on your options.