Here Are Some Top Reasons Why Sandstone Pavers are a Fantastic Choice for Around Your Patio!

Flooring is an extremely critical consideration when doing up any space in the house but especially when it comes to the outdoors. Flooring for the patio or driveway is exposed to the elements and wear and tear from frequent movement of vehicles and people. Not to mention, they need to be slip-proof and able to resist staining or dirt and dust from the environment. With that in mind, we are here to tell you that sandstone pavers should be your go-to choice for patio flooring. Read ahead as we tell you exactly why that is the case.

Sandstone Is Durable
The main reason why sandstone makes the perfect flooring option for the patio area is that it’s a hardy stone. Sandstone originates in the mountains and is therefore extremely tough. In fact, if properly maintained, sandstone can last for decades. Keep in mind though while sandstone is an excellent choice for the patio, it is important to apply a sealant if there’s a water body nearby. Sandstone also has excellent heat and cold resistance, rain and acid resistance, and isn’t likely to split, crack or discolour easily.

Sandstone Is Slip-Proof
Another great reason to use sandstone as the flooring of choice for the patio is that it’s slip-proof. As long it doesn’t come into contact with water, the inherent rough texture of the stone makes it fully slip-resistant. For all these reasons, sandstone is the perfect choice for family and pet-friendly flooring. If you want to use it around a water body, choosing a rough stone paver will take care of the slip factor too.

Sandstone Is Easy for Entertaining
Sandstone is a great option for patio flooring as it provides cooler floors which makes it great for hot summer months. Sandstone pavers are also resistant to frost damage, so if you are looking for a year round landscaping choice, sandstone is the way to go. Bonus, it’s also easy to clean. If you’re someone who frequently entertains outdoors or lives in a family with children, sandstone is the best choice. Warm water and soap are all you need to keep your sandstone flooring looking spic and span. You can even use a pressure washer without risking damage to the colour or finish of the sandstone paving.

Sandstone is Aesthetically Pleasing
When it comes to outdoor flooring, it doesn’t get more beautiful than the look of natural sandstone. The many-hued stone is a great choice to give your patio an earthy look that is reminiscent of the mountains and beaches. The rustic finish blends seamlessly with outdoor greenery and has a timeless appeal. Also worth mentioning, the subtle, understated appearance of sandstone makes it a great canvas to add individual decor touches. And this is also a reason why it scores over tiles with busy patterns or marble with sheen.

Sandstone is Affordable
Sandstone is also a great option to use for patio flooring as it’s more affordable than other stone options like granite and marble. This makes it a great option for the outdoors as you can cover a large area without spending a tonne of money. Sandstone is also easy to recycle and reuse, which makes it a great choice in the long run.

Sandstone is Easy to Replace
Sandstone pavers are basically in the form of individual tiles, which makes them easy to replace in case of any damage to flooring. Unlike concrete flooring, which comes in one solid block, sandstone pavers can be quickly replaced without affecting the existing flooring.

Sandstone has a Unique Look
The natural characteristic of sandstone makes it a great choice for outdoor flooring. If you are the entertaining sort who likes to dine alfresco, choosing sandstone paving will ensure your patio looks completely one of a kind. Sandstone comes in a wide range of colours and textures, which gives it an impactful appearance. As sandstone is naturally crafted by mother nature, you can be assured that your paving is not going to look like any other installation.

Sandstone is Eco-Friendly
While the eco-friendly quotient of sandstone might not be the prime consideration, but we say if you are choosing material for the outdoors, why not choose the flooring that is most nature friendly. Unlike materials like concrete, sandstone is derived from the earth, making it biodegradable and gentle on the feet. The longevity of the stone also adds to its eco quotient as you won’t be compelled to replace it or use expensive and harmful chemicals to maintain the stone.

Sandstone Ages Well
Unlike marble or concrete, sandstone weathers beautifully, with the natural fading adding character to the flooring. The subtle fading of the stone also makes sandstone appear more natural, elevating its natural rustic features.

Wrapping Up
In our view, the versatility, affordability and long-wearing qualities of sandstone make it ideal for outdoor patio flooring. The timeless appeal of sandstone ensures it will never go out of style. This quality is also what makes it a great option if you are looking to improve the value of your home. Chances are, not everyone will love the look of ostentatious marble or boring granite. But naturally, understated sandstone will have wide appeal. Sandstone also blends seamlessly with nature, making it an excellent addition to lush greenery. What more can you ask for, really!