Important Information You Need To Know When Using Limestone Pavers

Are you looking for hardscaping material If yes, then you should know about one of the most popular options—Limestone Pavers. Available in different sizes, colours, and styles, these can completely change the look of your house. Read on to learn important information that you must know before using limestone pavers.

What Is Limestone

Limestone is formed mostly of calcium carbonate and different amounts of sand, silt, or clay. Because of these other minerals, limestone, a sedimentary rock, is available in a wide range of colours, including blue, grey, tan, red, green, or beige.

About 10 per cent of all the sedimentary rocks are limestone. You can find deposits of these all over the world. There are quarries in the UK, France, areas of the US, Italy, Portugal, India, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, and other countries.

It is as dense as marble. This heavy and hard-wearing stone comes with a lightly textured surface, making it the perfect choice for patios. Also, because of its insulating properties, you can rest assured knowing that it won’t get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

Why should you go for limestone pavers

It’s your decision to select the hardscaping material you want for your home. However, there are certain benefits to selecting limestone pavers, including –

1. It has low maintenance

Once you install the limestone pavers, you will have to do very little upkeep in order to maintain their form and appearance.

2. They age well

Limestone pavers look better with age. Since they wear well, you don’t have to worry about them looking dull 10 years down the road. If you maintain it properly, it will appear the same as it did on the day you installed it.

3. It is more durable

Limestone pavers are capable to withstand harsh climates. Just like sandstone, they can also hold up against regular downpours and their lingering effect. However, you have to remember that while de-icing the limestone paving, you should never use salt, as it can cause scaling or pitting. Instead, you can use sand for de-icing the limestone pavers.

4. It is comfortable to walk on

Walking barefoot on limestone is comfortable, which is why it works great for entertainment areas.

5. It has a smoother finish

With limestone pavers, you will have fewer ridges and a smoother finish. Because of this, it is a great option for indoor projects as well as driveways.

6. It adds value to your home

Because of its high-end look, it can increase the appeal of your house and subsequently, its value. Also, limestone pavers complement almost any style of house, which makes it one of the most versatile choices in the market. If you are planning on changing your home in a few years, your limestone pavers will evolve with the aesthetics of your new home.

7. It is adaptable

Limestone can be cut easily into different shapes and sizes. You can adapt it to fit in with your garden or any other project. Because of its durability, strength, range of colours, and finishes, it is versatile and capable of adapting to any style. You can use limestone pavers for a wide range of areas, internally as well as externally. This includes driveways, patios, gardens, interior flooring, stepping stones, pathways, and more.

8. It is environment friendly

As a natural material, the manufacturing process of limestone pavers doesn’t require the use of synthetic materials or excessive chemicals. Also, it is possible to repurpose it after use.

How can you cut limestone paving

Since limestone is among the toughest natural stones, cutting it requires the right tools. Once you get the tools, the task is quite straightforward. Also, don’t forget to wear your safety gear, including goggles and gloves. Follow these steps to cut limestone paving –

1. Measure

Get the right dimensions using a ruler and a pencil. If you have opted for a creative shape, you can trace the pattern on the slab. In case you are a beginner, it would be best to stick to a uniform shape as cutting it would be easier.

2. Cut the slab

You will have to use a specialized diamond floor saw for this. Before you start cutting, you have to mount the slab on a secure, hard surface. Having a steady hand while cutting is crucial to get the precision cut. Take your time. If you try to rush the process, you might end up making a crack in the slab.

3. Smoothen the edges

Sharp rough edges on the limestone would not appear good. You have to smooth out any roughness on the edges. For completing this task efficiently, you should use a power sander.

By using the right limestone paver, you can add class, beauty, functionality, and longevity to your home. However, it is important to remember that paving is a significant investment. It should be able to stand the test of time. So, before you spend any money on stone pavers, do your research. The quality of the stone might vary depending on the supplier. Always use a trusted service for the purchase of the limestone and its installation. Not every supplier would be as experienced and trustworthy as they claim to be. Talk to friends, family, or neighbours about their limestone pavers to find out the best service in your area. This will help you make the right decision and get a beautiful pavement in your home. Alternatively, you can contact our paving experts here!