Limestone Paving Products Perth

6 February, 2020

Our limestone paving products are made from local sedimentary stone right here in Perth. Clients typically use limestone pavers to adorn floors around the house. They install limestone pavers in the driveway, garden or pool surround. Since limestone resists corrosion and wear and tear, it’s a lovely material that you can count on to last for many years. 

Use limestone paving products to enhance your outdoor living areas — adding class and character to your patio or pool surround. At the same time, the natural origin of limestone yields a rustic or minimalist look. This versatile material is a favourite for garden paths and seating areas under pavilions or open to the sky.

Benefits of Limestone

Limestone is quarried and used nearly in its natural state. Learn about the many benefits that come with installation limestone paving products outside your home.  


Limestone takes millions of years to form inside the Earth, and you can count on this natural masterpiece to add lustre and style to your backyard for decades to come. 

Heat Resistance

Limestone paving products in Perth resist the heat of the sun, so you don’t burn your bare feet when you spend some time outdoors midday. These natural stone pavers are more durable than granite or travertine, and also a lot more affordable. 

Scratch Resistance

Limestone paving products Perth homeowners love their natural beauty. Unlike other flooring materials, light scrapes and scratches don’t mar the beautiful surface of the stone. This means your patio, driveway or pool area remains like new for a long time.

Easy Maintenance

When you install gorgeous limestone pavers on outdoor pathways, garden walkways and patios, they require little, if any, maintenance. Simplify your life with natural-looking outdoor flooring that takes care of itself.

Choose a Colour

Although limestone paving products in Perth are made of natural stone, there are many different colour palettes to choose from. The calcium carbonate composition gives limestone a unique structure that presents in a subtle rainbow of hues. The tone of your limestone pavers depends on the area they were quarried. 

Natural limestone forms in shallow sea beds in hues ranging from soft, earthy tones such as yellow, white or grey to rarer shades of beige, cream or blue. 

Here are the shades available for your home in Perth:

  • Charcoal
  • Latte
  • Limestone
  • Mocha
  • Sandstone
  • Silver
  • Terracotta

Choose from Natural and Smooth Finishes

You can choose a natural or smooth texture when you purchase your limestone paving products at Bonita Stone. Many clients choose a natural touch to avoid slips and falls when they are carrying food or drink or enjoying the swimming pool. You may like a smooth finish for balconies or small areas where you want to make a bigger impact.

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