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Bonita Stone was founded more than 11 years ago by brothers, Brett and Scott Petricevich. With more than 30 years of paving experience between them, they decided to utilise their knowledge to manufacture, process and supply the highest quality pavers that money can buy.

Premium paving manufacturers and suppliers for Perth and across Australia

Our time in the industry has seen us become a leading paving company not only here in Perth where we are based, but across Australia. Pavers are a sought-after hardscaping material due to their versatility and durability. When investing in premium quality pavers such as ours, you can have peace of mind knowing they’ll not only look beautiful but will last a very long time too.

We work closely with homeowners, builders, architects, and designers alike and with our extensive product knowledge, we can help you hand select the perfect pavers for your project, big or small.

Our company is family-owned and operated, and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of what we do.

Here are some popular choices for paving in Perth

Travertine Pavers

Travertine pavers are a standout paving option for several reasons. They are timeless, their colour variations are complementary to almost every application, and they are exceptionally durable. They release heat rather than absorbing it which is a perfect choice for the often harsh sun that Perth is exposed to.

Limestone Pavers

Another fantastic choice for withstanding the sun is limestone. They add a touch of luxury to any space, are soft underfoot and remain cool on the hottest of days. Whatever you are paving, limestone is a great choice.

Glowpave pavers

If you are looking for something more than just the ordinary, our Glowpave pavers may be the answer. During the day, they have a similar appearance to exposed aggregate pavers, and once the sun starts to set, flecks in the paver will create an ominous glow. This is a great way to give your outdoor spaces the wow factor while enhancing safety at the same time.

Why choose pavers for your hardscaping project in Perth?


They are aesthetically appealing

One of the main reasons people choose pavers for their outdoor hardscaping is because they look fantastic. Natural stone is a front runner in terms of aesthetics along with exposed aggregate.

Options for every budget

Pavers come in a variety of styles and price points enabling you to find the perfect one for your budget. As they are hard-wearing, you won’t have to repair them for a very long time.

Low maintenance

Another appealing thing about pavers is that they don’t require time-consuming maintenance. They are easy to look after.


Pavers are extremely resilient and can tolerate extreme heat and temperatures, pressure, and exposure to chemicals and UV rays, making them a sound choice when looking for a product that will last.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to sourcing, manufacturing and providing the very best pavers to the people of Perth and beyond is what sets us apart.

We know first-hand how important it is to choose quality pavers. They not only look better but last for much longer too. It’s not uncommon for cheap pavers to crumble when exposed to the elements or weight. They look unsightly in a short amount of time and need replacing. That’s why it’s always better to spend a little extra on a premium paver rather than opting for the inferior version as it can end up costing you more in the long run on repairs or replacing them.

All our stone undergoes the strictest of quality control measures by us before leaving. Every piece is individually inspected to ensure it arrives to you in immaculate condition.

We offer a premium paving installation service

Along with supplying our pavers across the nation, we offer a premium paving service to ensure that our customers achieve a flawless finish. Our paving installers are highly skilled and trained professionals who excel in this field. They are meticulous about their work, and their craftsmanship is second to none. We can collaborate with you to come up with an installation that suits your specific needs and budget.

Pavers can be used to enhance any space, indoors or out


When you take the time to consider the space that you are paving, the colour palette and style, you can create an impressive hardscaped area that enhances the functionality and overall look. When done well, a paved area can add significant value to a home too. At Bonita Stone, we aim to deliver pavers that transform backyards for the better. With their classy finishes and lengthy lifespans, you’ve got yourself a stunning hardscaped area to enjoy for many decades to come.

What to consider when choosing the right pavers for your paving project in Perth

The purpose

Some pavers are better suited to some applications than others. For example, sandstone isn’t recommended for use around pools as the chemicals in pool water can eat away at the porous surface of the stone. Additionally, a paver that doesn’t offer much traction wouldn’t be suited for a driveway as it will become slippery in the wet and dangerous to drive and walk on.


Choosing the design of your paver is very much an individual decision. Pavers come in various styles, shapes and sizes so when choosing the right pavers for your home or business, it’s a good idea to consider the surrounding elements. Choosing one that ties in rather than one that is mismatched is best to create a seamless finish.

The colour

The colour of your paver can not only affect the look but comfortability too. For instance, choosing a dark paver that is in the sun all day can be an issue. They can heat up and burn feet if walked on barefoot. You want to be able to enjoy your pavers without having to worry about this.

Contact the Perth paving specialists

Whatever your paving needs are, the Bonita Stone team can assist! Choosing pavers should be a hassle-free experience and we aim to achieve this with each of our customers. You can find more information about us and our paver collection on our website or alternatively you can get in contact with us.

We have pavers for residential and commercial applications and everything in between. Reach out today!