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Exposed Aggregate Pavers: Their Pros and Cons

Exposed aggregate pavers have established a firm foothold in the realm of landscaping and exterior design, becoming a favourite choice for homeowners, landscapers, and builders alike. They’re highly regarded for their aesthetic appeal and durability, but like all things, they come with their set of advantages and disadvantages.

What are Exposed Aggregate Pavers?

Let’s begin by defining what exposed aggregate pavers are. These pavers are a type of decorative concrete that undergoes a unique production process. In this process, the top layer of cement paste is skillfully removed to unveil the beautiful aggregate hidden beneath. This technique not only adds depth and texture but also showcases the natural beauty of the stones, pebbles, or other materials used in the mixture.

Exposed aggregate pavers find widespread applications in various outdoor spaces. They are especially popular choices for driveways, footpaths, and patios, where their distinctive appearance can elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of the area. Whether you’re looking to enhance the visual appeal of your home’s entrance or create a stunning outdoor living space, exposed aggregate pavers offer a versatile and durable solution.

Pros of Exposed Aggregate Pavers

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the standout advantages of exposed aggregate pavers is their exceptional aesthetic appeal. These pavers are available in a wide array of vibrant colours, captivating styles, and unique textures, allowing for endless possibilities to seamlessly blend with any outdoor design scheme. Whether you prefer a modern, sleek look or a rustic, natural feel, exposed aggregate pavers offer a versatile choice that effortlessly enhances the overall beauty and charm of your outdoor space.

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Durability and Strength

Exposed aggregate pavers, renowned for their exceptional durability and strength, are crafted to withstand the harshest weather conditions and endure heavy loads with ease. These robust pavers prove to be the perfect choice for driveways and high-traffic areas, ensuring longevity and reliability for years to come. With their unique textured surface and excellent resistance to damage, they not only provide practicality but also add an aesthetically pleasing touch to any outdoor space.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance is typically a breeze with exposed aggregate pavers. These types of pavers, once sealed, offer excellent durability and require minimal upkeep, making them a popular choice for outdoor spaces. Apart from occasional cleaning to remove dirt and debris, and resealing every few years to maintain their pristine appearance, exposed aggregate pavers remain resilient and low-maintenance in the face of changing weather conditions and heavy foot traffic. With their attractive textured surface and long-lasting performance, they are an ideal option for creating beautiful and functional outdoor areas.


Another significant benefit of exposed aggregate pavers is their remarkable versatility. These pavers are not only stunningly attractive but can also be tailored to match a variety of outdoor decor styles. They can be customised to create different shapes, colours, and patterns, allowing homeowners to create a truly unique and personalised outdoor space. Whether you aim to create a uniform pattern or an eclectic mix, exposed aggregate pavers can be designed to meet your specific requirements, making them a brilliant choice for creative landscaping projects.

Cons Of Aggregate Pavers To Keep in Mind

Initial Cost

One of the primary drawbacks of exposed aggregate pavers is the initial cost. Their installation can be more expensive than other paving options due to the labor-intensive process involved. However, these costs are often offset by the long-term durability and low maintenance needs of exposed aggregate pavers.


While the rough texture of exposed aggregate pavers is beneficial for slip-resistance, it might not be the most comfortable option underfoot, especially for those who like walking barefoot. It’s essential to keep this in mind while considering exposed aggregate pavers for high-traffic areas, such as pool decks or patios.

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Repair Difficulty

Lastly, while these pavers are durable, repairs might be challenging due to matching the colour and texture of the original material. In case of any cracks or damages, it’s best to consult a professional to ensure proper repairs and maintain the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

DIY Installation of Exposed Aggregate Pavers

The installation of exposed aggregate pavers can indeed be done as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project, should you feel confident in your ability to handle the task. However, it’s essential to remember that this process can be labour-intensive and requires a certain degree of skill and precision.

Before starting, you’ll need to have the necessary materials and tools, such as the pavers, a gravel base, a compactor, a level, and concrete sand for the bedding layer. The installation process involves several steps including surface preparation, laying the gravel base and compacting, adding and levelling the sand layer, placing the pavers, and finally, applying a sealant for protection.

While DIY installation can reduce the overall cost, mistakes can lead to long-term problems such as uneven surfaces or drainage issues. Therefore, unless you are experienced in DIY projects of this nature, it might be more beneficial to talk to our team here at Bonnita Stone to ensure flawless installation and longevity of your exposed aggregate pavers.

Comparison with Other Paving Options

Exposed aggregate pavers offer a unique combination of durability, versatility, beauty, and low maintenance. With their textured surface, various colours and styles, they provide superior aesthetic appeal compared to regular concrete pavers. Additionally, they are more durable and resistant to heavy loads than asphalt and offer more design versatility than gravel. While natural stone pavers may have a luxurious aesthetic, exposed aggregate pavers are more practical for high-traffic areas or harsh weather conditions. Overall, they are a compelling choice for homeowners seeking a long-lasting and visually appealing paving option.

Exposed aggregate pavers are an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a balance of aesthetic appeal, durability and low maintenance. The robustness of these pavers makes them ideal for high-traffic areas, while their low-maintenance nature allows homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces without the stress of constant upkeep. Offering remarkable versatility, exposed aggregate pavers can be customised to fit a variety of decor styles, lending a personalised touch to your outdoor space. Whether you’re considering a DIY project or opting for a professional installation, the end result is sure to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor areas.