Here is a great guide on how to choose your pavers or tiles for your outdoor area

Pavers for the outdoors are a great choice. They are simplistic and exceptional hardwearing to create a long-lasting and equally as beautiful space. If you are not sure which pavers or tiles are best for your outdoor area, you’ve come to the right place because, in this post, we’ll share how you can pick the perfect ones for your backyard.

Some considerations when deciding on the right pavers for your outdoor area
Rather than just choosing the pavers you like based on looks alone, it pays to consider some other factors about the space to ensure it is functional and you make the most of the area you have to work with. Here are some things to take into consideration:

The natural light and sun
The placement of your outdoor area can affect how much natural light the space gets and the amount of sun that hits it during the day and when. If the space gets a lot of sun, choosing very dark pavers can be a bad idea as they heat up and can burn the bottoms of feet when they are walked across. On the other hand, if the pavers or tiles are very light, they can cause glare from the sun to bounce off the surface and up to the face. Both of these can make sitting outside not as enjoyable as it should be. If the area doesn’t get much sunlight, using lighter coloured pavers or tiles can create an illusion of light. Choosing something that’s in between dark and light is suitable in most instances and complements most styles of outdoor areas.

Create harmony by choosing a complementary colour or material
If your outdoor area connects with your indoor space, it’s a good idea to choose a tile or paver that is similar to your indoor flooring option or something that complements it well. This helps to create cohesion and makes your outdoor area look like it’s a part of the home rather than a completely separate space that does not correlate with the house itself. The great thing about pavers is that they come in tonnes of different colour options. You can decide whether you want to go with one colour or mix it up with various tones.

Size matters
If you have a small outdoor area, using small pavers or tiles can make the area appear even smaller. If this is the case at your place, opt for larger tiles or pavers as having fewer grout gaps can make a smaller space appear bigger.

If you have a large space to pave or it’s an awkward shape such as circular, smaller pavers are a good choice as they are typically easier to lay and they usually require less modifying to fit the space. Smaller pavers can also be used to create intricate patterns and designs. This works better in bigger spaces as you have more room to see the pattern layout properly.

Texture can greatly influence the overall look and feel of a space. If you don’t have many textural elements in your outdoor area, you can add them through your paver or tile choice. Stone pavers that have naturally occurring formations and colours are a good option, or for more texture, cobblestone typically has variations in the surface which is great for incorporating authenticity to the space.

Consider how the colour and texture looks in different lights
You may have your heart set on a particular paver and colour and love how it looks in full daylight however, you’ll need to factor in how this colour will appear when the sun starts to go down and even more so if the area doesn’t get much natural light during the day as the colour can look completely different. You should pair a sample tile or paver with other elements that will be in the outdoor area to ensure you are entirely happy with the textures and colours when they are placed together.

The surroundings
You can take your outdoor area to the next level by implementing plants and greenery in some way or another. Plants can add privacy and add a sense of style and comfort to the space. They can also help to break up the hard surfaces such as the walls, table, and floors. While considering your tiles or pavers, we suggest also thinking about what plants or greenery you want to add around the outdoor area, in it, or both.

It’s important that you consider the slip rating of the outdoor tiles or pavers you want to use. This is because they will be walked on, often barefoot, and they can get very slippery if they don’t offer good traction and even more so if they get wet which is inevitable seeing as though they will be outside. Look for P4 or higher when choosing your pavers.

Talk to a professional
Whenever undertaking a construction project such as laying pavers or tiles, it pays to talk to a professional first. Installing an outdoor area is a big job that requires careful planning and consideration. For it to last and for it to be sturdy long-term, it needs to be done properly. For all your paving questions, contact the professionals here at Bonita Stone. We manufacture world-class pavers here in Perth and would love to help if we can.